Want Your Own Axolotl?

Find a New Friend!

Our Available Axolotls:

This weekend, we have a vendors' table at Repticon Houston. We have brought all our available axolotls with us, and once the show is over, we will be posting picture profiles of the 'lotls that are still for sale. Check back again soon for an updated list!

Why Don't We Have a Shopping Cart System on this Website?

There's a simple reason, actually. Instead of mass-producing and shipping off large quantities of axolotls to unknown destinations, we prefer to speak directly with our customers, answer any questions they may have, and ensure our little 'lotls go to great homes that know how to care for them. If you want to purchase one of our animals, please make sure to do your research and read over the caresheet provided on this site.

When you are ready, click the button of the one you like above. It will direct you to send us an email with the name of your chosen axolotl in the title. If you live in Houston, or the surrounding area, we will coordinate with you to deliver your 'lotl. If you live elsewhere in the United States (except CA and NJ, where they are illegal) we will figure out the best time to ship them to your doorstep.